about line

This week we will be talking about and reading about line. Your assignment is to draw an image in graphite or ink, or take a black and white photograph in which line is the primary visual element. This can be any type of line described in our text, (outline, contour, implied, expressive, grid, etc.) This is about how YOU see line. In your post you also need to include two sentences answering the following…

1. How is line the primary visual element in the image? (i.e. how is line functioning in the image?)

2. What kind of line is being used? (examples of different kinds of line are in your text).

Double check to make sure your image is embedded and posted correctly. Also make sure your image is in black and white only. Points will be deducted if it isn\’t. An example would be..
1. This is an image of the oak trees in my neighborhood. Line is the primary element because the branches create a matrix of lines as they move towards the center of the image. There isn\’t much else to garner our attention except for the few leaves that are left on the trees.

2. The lines are expressive as they have a high degree of contrast against the sky and are full of dynamic angles and varying thicknesses, (line weight). They also could be autographic as they are lines that are uniquely created by oaks. Other types of trees do not have the same branch structure.

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