Mechanical Engineering

What will be attached:
pages from a book shows: (questions needed to be solved according to the main question that I will provide, and all of the tables needed are scanned too)

Main Question:
6-10 combined with 6-11. Include infiltration and heat loss from air ducts. Determine conditions and volume flow rate of supplied air. Determine the heating load for the structure.

What I want?
I want the main question to be read carefully and to be understood. Therefore, I need a complete solution to this question (where you have to combine both questions (6-10 & 6-11) and follow the extra parts that are in the main question. Moreover, I need you to explain for me each and every step so that when I study the solution I can understand what is really going on. The professor is going to talk to me personally and ask me questions about each part in this assignment. I should understand all of the parts, so please make sure to solve this question fully and explain it to me. (Maybe this assignment basically full of equation and procedures so please help me with that I really need this. It worth a lot of points. Thanks

#The following question should be answered in the best way where it should be free of plagarism as my university is really restricted from this type of violations and if they caught me doing such thing after the warning I got from them I will be in trouble. I wish you could help and avoid copying.Remember, this is not a research paper and it is an Assignment that should be neat and good and not over done so that the instructor doesn\’t have a doubt that I didn\’t do it. At the same time I need it to be good enough, so that I get the full grade because I need it. \”PLEASE NO PLAGRISIM, BECAUSE i ALREDY HAVE A WARNING AND ANY OTHER VIOLATIONS I WILL BE KICKED\”. Thanks

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