Advanced Project Management (Project Review and Project Plan Dossier)

With reference to the assessment case identified by the tutor, answer both Questions:

1. Research appropriate methodologies and concepts for a critical review of the organisation of the Project case study and also the utility of these concepts (50%)

Feedback report on National IT Programme in the NHS (descriptive)

Scope of national IT programme for the NHS

2. Construct a Project plan dossier for the project showing how it should have been delivered more successfully (50%).

This should include of the following elements;

a. A scope statement

b. Project Plan in some Form

c. Risk Management Plan

d. Organisational Structure

Report on Lorenzo and Lorenzo Bury implementation using project management tools (Descriptive, quantitative and analytical)

Scope of Lorenzo (Bury)

* For this part i need some Gantt Chart , Microsoft project and excel sheet


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