•    Reflect on how mandating a certain level of air quality improves the environment and human lives.
•    What, if any, impact would reducing air pollution have on global warming?
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 3, 2–3 paragraphs that evaluate the measures to reduce air pollution. Your post should include the following:
•    An explanation of why air quality is important for humans and the environment
•    An assessment of whether your chosen country or state complies with the air quality guidelines recommended by the WHO. Explain any differences you notice between the two standards (the WHO and your country or state).
•    An evaluation of whether the WHO guidelines for air quality are successful in reducing air pollution in your chosen state or country. If not, what more should be done? If the guidelines are successful, do you foresee any need to increase or decrease these standards in the future?
•    A conclusion that includes the research you did on the two technologies that reduce CO2 emissions. How could states and nations incorporate these technologies to meet or improve on the mandated air quality standards?

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