Apartment Problems

Apartment Problems

Solutions to Apartment Problems

Apartments, especially apartment complexes have always been characterized by high risk of vandalism, theft, and break-ins. Apartment complexes make attractive targets for criminals in many different ways (Kelley, 2009). First, given the huge number of people residing in the apartments, the parking lot is usually full of cars parked during the night and only a handful of the apartments have secure and locked gates. Second, particularly in hotter climates, children are always attracted to pools in a bid to cool down. Once they are inside the apartment complex, the children might find items to vandalize or steal. Third, apartments usually do not have home-security system given that it violates the lease to install one, and typically, apartments do not have security guards to look after the premises.

Security cameras may not be able to eliminate all these problems, but they may minimize many of them. For instance, placing security cameras on a motion sensor at the entry and exit points in the gates and the parking lot can monitor the people as they come in, leave and the time they do so (Kelley, 2009). This will give a record of the people in the premises, and will as well enable the guards to monitor the premises from a remote place.

Installing lights in a number of areas around the premises will be helpful in the ridding of dark alleys and corners (Kelley, 2009). This is because light will discourage crime. One should place lights in the walkways and parking areas too, in addition to the apartment buildings. The property owner should also ask the residents to leave their front door lights and porch lights on in the evening to help in illuminating the complex. Lastly, installing better lock such as dead bolt locks on the apartment doors can enhance security in the premises (Kelley, 2009).



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