Desire to do Masters of Accounting program

Desire to do Masters of Accounting program

I have always had the passion to study accounting at the master’s level. Having successfully completed my bachelor’s degree, majoring in accounting, I would love masters to be my next destination. Accountants are key members of the management for all public, private, non-profit and governmental organization. The desire to be a participant at such levels and influence our country’s economic status, plus the competitive advantage that I would gain from master’s program is my key motivators.

Presently, as an accounting graduate, I can be helpful to public accounting, the private sector or even further my career in a governmental or non-profit organization. However, with the masters program, my areas of specialization will be wider. It would further my knowledge in forensic accountancy, which involves studying fraudulent financial transactions, going through existing records and substantiate evidence for nailing professional criminals.

Additionally, the master’sprogram will further my understanding and knowledge in business valuations. This is one of my fields of interest in which I strive to be able to measure and evaluate corporate control system and assist firms and other business organizations improve their risk handling and management techniques. Masters of accounting is important in this field of study; it provides additional units to my graduate status plus diverse knowledge of accounting procedures and practices, other than increasing my skills.

As an advanced level of accounting studies, masters of accounting program will strengthen my undergraduate accounting preparation and improve my education as the primary requirement for a productive professional career in the global environment. I will show mastery of professional knowledge in dealing with the ethical and regulatory environment of organizations and the central of accounting in ensuring a business success. In addition, prior knowledge in setting up and managing startup companies will be enhanced.

Consequently the program will improve my professional skills and enhance my ability to research complex accounting related problems and use the relevant findings in decision making process. It will also improve my ability to develop, analyze, measure and communicate relevant information in making professional judgments concerning financial information and apply it in solving problems and decision making process within the organization.

During my study of the program, I will be a team player and strive to be a positive inspiration to all people with whom I interact. I will encourage colleagues that all challenges can be overcome with the right effort, zeal and determination deployed. Other than carrying out an honest and thorough research on my topics of study, I will strive to help other people with their work too when they face difficulties. I will give my study the ample time it requires and uplift other people both professionally and academically.

In addition, the master’s program will enable me address accounting-related matters effectively using both oral and written communication. My ability to express myself in an accounting language and tackle issues soberly can be greatly improved. This I will achieve in combination with the use of information technology to foster professional decision making.

Other than that, the program will enhance my ability to show professional values and attitude in making informed judgments especially under situations of uncertainty. Such conditions are common especially when the outcomes of particular actions are not known. By taking the program, I also strive to demonstrate my commitment to continuous improvement and long lasting learning in order to improve my professional knowledge and skills while also acknowledging other peoples perspectives.

In conclusion, Masters of Accounting program will not only improve my academic qualifications and competitive advantage, but also present me with another opportunity to be of positive inspiration to persons with whom I interact.


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