business case and an initial plan

Write a project report which explains the business case for the creation of a new organisation, including needs, benefits, funding, stakeholders, management issues etc.
1. Discuss the social need/problem, including urgency, severity or impact, and describe the domain of action (geographical context)
2. Present the vision and the specific objectives of this solution
3. Explain the combination of activities and services which will be needed to reach the objectives and explain who will be the beneficiaries/recipients/audience
4. Justify what makes this a suitable public and/or non-profit organization (This can be either why it won’t be a private organization or why it would be better undertaken through public and/or nonprofit organization)
5. Position the proposed organisation relative to its environment/stakeholders and to existing activities and services. Advantages and disadvantages
6. Present the organisational structure, key decisions about how the organisation will be managed and run. Discuss possible implementation issues.
7. Outline the strategy for enlisting financial and human resources involved
8. The report should start with an executive summary and finish with conclusions/recommendations/next steps

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