Business Operations and Systems

This course work is due soon and my written work crash with my laptop and i cant cope with the pressure of submitting in-depth report within the available space. Please privatise my work and let it be free of plagiarism. I will forward the assignment instruction and guidelines on request. Business Operations and Systems Project (January 2013)

You may find the information for chosen company online, in Keynotes in the Library, Company reports, cases online, and the financial press. The literature sources should be books, journals, refereed papers and appropriate online sources.You should find the sources of information that you will use to deliver the three assessment parts within the first four weeks of the course. This is important and failure to complete this task will jeopardise your performance on the module.
Part 1
Outline the essential components for effective business operations management for a UK business of your choice whose products are delivered to the door (e.g. Amazon). In the context of the company you have selected evaluate “The parcel delivery conundrum” using an appropriate systems methodology and support your discussion with appropriate business operations models. You should include CATWOE, Root Definition and produce a detailed Rich Picture” (hand drawn) to illustrate your answer.
Part 2
Recommend how the business should respond to this conundrum (keeping in mind the possible technological and environmental (CO2) impact). By means of a business process plan illustrate the changes including “AS IS” and “TO BE”.
Part 3
Discuss the managerial qualities and resources that are necessary for effective implementation of the new process. By means of relevant models discuss how the business performance can be measured post implementation.

Your work should be referenced with appropriate literature and form a logical and concise discussion.

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