Lorillard Tobacco Co. Vs. Riley Communications Law

The title should be the name of the case, the year it was decided, and the jurisdiction of the court.
PART ONE: Is a review of the facts of the case. How and why did this dispute come about? This should be written as if it were a magazine piece, not a legal brief. Tell the story. It should be as entertaining as possible.
PART TWO: Is a discussion of how the case was decided. Who won, and why?
PART THREE: Is the most important part, this is the assessment of the impact of this case on the law. Did it change the understanding of the law in any significant way? Did it leave the law as it was? Discuss where the law stands in this area and then fit it into this case. Additional research on the case is necessary. The importance of the case today should be stated given the evolution of the 1st Amendment. Is this case worth examining in more depth why or why not?

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