1. Explore the ethical issues associated with working with George. What are your ethical concerns as you begin working with George? What ethical responsibilities might you need to consider in constructing an assessment plan for George? Explain the unique ethical considerations we face when working with George, as well as when working with elder client populations.

2. Identify your initial counseling goals for George. What would your initial treatment goals be for George? What might your initial theoretical approach and treatment plan for working with George be? Support your choice. What areas of assessment will you initially focus upon? Why?

3. What is your perspective on incorporating George’s input into his treatment planning and goal setting? How might you entice him to become actively involved in such a process?

4. How would you plan to take advantage of George’s support systems? What do you consider his greatest assets for improvement? His greatest challenges? How might you plan to use both his advantages and disadvantages in constructing a treatment plan for George?

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