case study for a bank called WESBANCO INC

CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS for : WESBANCO INC.The following articulates the overall basic procedure and presentation details for the casePURPOSE The purpose behind these studies is: (1) help you develop a strong awareness of the financial structure of depository financial institutions, insurance companies, and investment banks and investment companies, respectively; (2) further your financial analysis skills; and (3) broaden your understanding of the risks and strengths inherent in the important financial institutions in the United States.PROCEDURE Contents:• Narrative – A brief summary of your data analysis findings, bullet format permitted UNLESS YOU FEEL A MORE DETAILED NARRATIVE IS NECESSARY.o A SUMMARY OF YOUR ANALYSIS OF THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION’S SOUNDNESS. This section may employ comparative, general financial institution data and would be best NOT in bullet format.• Excel Spreadsheet – 2 years of data to be obtained from SEC/Edgar and/or since these are the primary sources for financial data. In other words, don’t necessarily trust Yahoo! Finance or MSN Money. Or, go directly to the source: SEARCH THE BANK’S WEBSITE AND LOOK FOR ANNUAL REPORTS AND DOWNLOAD o Calculate the Financial Institution’s: • ROE and ROA • Equity Multiplier • Profit Margin (net income/total operating income), plus these detailed sub-ratios: interest income/total operating income, provision for loan loss/total operating income, non-interest expense/total operating income, and income taxes/total operating income (for banks) • Asset Utilization (total operating income/total assets), plus these sub-ratios: interest income/total assets and non-interest income/total assets (for banks). • Compare your bank to the typical financial structure articulated in the PowerPoint slides. You are free to use other ratios and analysis techniques (i.e., DuPont Analysis) but only if you feel they are important in making a point in either your analysis or conclusions. Don’t add them just to impress me; I won’t be impressed. Maximum narrative length: 2 pages plus cover page and Excel file.

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