Strangers in their own land

Section Paper #3: How to Scale an Empathy Wall?In your questions/talking points for Arlie Hochschild, lots of you asked about what we can practically do to \”scale the empathy wall\” that, according to Hochschild, divides American society and polarizes American politics, making those on both sides feel like \”strangers in their own land.\” In this section paper, I want you to do just that.Imagine that, based on your sociological expertise, you have been asked by some unnamed government agency to figure out how to \”scale the empathy wall\” that Hochschild describes in her book.Drawing from what we\’ve read and discussed so far this semester (important!), and details from our reading of Strangers in Their Own Land (important!), describe and explain at least one practical way that you would recommend to help people on both sides scale the empathy wall that divides them.

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