Case Study Review


For this assignment, you will utilize a current events-based article on Volkswagen’s latest strategy (see attached PDF file) to analyze.  Again, the purpose of this analysis is for you to use your skills to look at a case, determine what the key issues are, understand and present an analysis of the issues and summarize your conclusions about what you think the organization needs to focus on/do.  You are approaching this as if you are looking at it from the vantage point of a management consultant. You should structure your response in the form of a formal memo (using APA) to senior management of the organization, including key subheadings such as:

  • Summary ofSituation (very brief)
  • Key Issues—Identification and Analysis
  • Recommendations (include rationale)

A length of 2 to 2 ½ pages, single spaced, will be sufficient to provide a thorough analysis. Charts or graphs are acceptable, but not necessary. Use of subheadings and bullet points for key statements are encouraged.

Scoring Matrix—100 Points total

Category Mastery
  1. Identification of the Key facts and organization’s key strategy (20)
Obvious strategies in the case are identified, clearly stated; basis of competitive advantage stated clearly; subsidiary and/or subtle strategies identified as well; current situation well articulated (18-20)


  1. Identification and understanding of the issues in the case (40)
Nature and scope of the issues are understood and articulated; connections between the issues noted; evidence from the case used to identify the issues; some speculation as to additional issues based on knowledge of the case; case viewed from multiple functional vantage points, at least two course concepts used in analysis, such as 5 forces model;  financials analyzed (36-40)


  1. Recommendations (30)
Recommendations to address issues are clearly identified and also exhibit solid understanding of the case and provide evidence of creative thought regarding possible alternative approaches—pros and cons of approaches discussed (27-30)


  1. Overall organization and coherence (10)
Paper is exceptionally well organized and presented; argument is well reasoned; mistakes in grammar and spelling are not present; sources cited in proper format (9-10)



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