Declaration of Independence vs. The Gettysburg Address

Declaration of Independence vs. The Gettysburg Address

            In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas organized his thoughts in a coherent manner. In the first paragraphs, he opens his statement to draw the attention of the audience on the main topic. He however, does this indirectly by referring to the Great British nature of colonizing nations and impeding them their freedoms.  He therefore moves to substantiate his claims by arguing that all human beings are entitled to their rights as they are created in the image of God. This statement triggers emotions of the audience to rise up to the occasion and demand for their freedom.  He also uses facts in his speech; he lists the forms in which the Great British Prince has impeded the achievement of freedom in various colonies that they have established their presence. This listing helps to enhance understandability and present the effects and the sufferings that the Great British has caused to other people. He also uses “We” to demonstrate teamwork and unity of the Americans. This style helps in building cohesion and unity. For instance, he refers to all the representatives of the united colonies as a team, to appeal to the supreme courts on their intentions. This style helps in creating harmony, spirit of togetherness because of its inclusivity.

On the other hand, the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln is organized in terms of time. In his introduction, he introduces his speech by drawing back to the past on how the American fore fathers struggled for t their independence.  After reflecting on the past, he tailors his message to the current situations that America is witnessing-civil war –and therefore reminds the people of the importance of devoting their efforts on ensuring that they live and respect the sacrifice that the fore fathers went through by living in harmony. He finishes his speech by delving on the future since the present actions were important to the future. He uses pronoun “we” to demonstrate that the initiative to ensure that everyone is free rests solely in every American

In the independence of declaration, Thomas Jefferson, is appealing to the Great British prince, to end his tyrannical system of government, which is advanced to its colonies. The author points out that the treatment and denial of liberty and freedom of happiness should be reinstated in the British colonies. The colonies need to oppose such tyrannical form of government, which deter their enjoyment of rights and freedoms.  The Prince of Great British has contravened the enjoyment of these rights in many countries through his bad and oppressive legislations and leadership. Therefore, the independence declaration was aimed at  giving the British colonies power to retaliate the British administration in whatever means possible including  wars, formation of alliances to attain peace , engage in trade and  enjoy the rights and freedom of humanity like any other people do.

In the Gettysburg address, Abraham is concerned about the future of the America nation as a country.  The civil wars that faces America seems to distract the dreams and the devotions the fore fathers struggled causing many of them to die. They fought for the liberty and freedom for every person and therefore small differences should not cause any major problem but rather people should dedicate their lives to the nation.  Therefore, he urges all people to unite and endeavor to fulfill or complete the journey that the ancestors began by securing them independence.  Living and forging to fulfill the dreams and wishes of the fathers who struggled will be the only way of acknowledging the good work and initiatives of these fore fathers. He wishes to see a future America that shall promote freedom and have a government that will respect its people what he calls the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It is apparent that both the speeches have similar intentions focusing on good governance and equality. For instance, in the independence declaration, the need to end tyranny is highlighted most while in the Gettysburg address, the need to uphold to good governance where the rights and freedoms of all citizens are emphasized. They are also organized in a way to touch the emotions of its audience for example through employment of pronouns like,”we” to promote unity and togetherness. Therefore, the speeches form a good basis for good leadership and the need to respect humanity freedoms and rights.

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