God is Brazilian (2003)

God is Brazilian (2003)

The movie, God is Brazilian is a religious comedy directed by Carlos Diegues addressing the story of a saint, who disregard the existence of God. The cast includes among others, Antonio Fagundes who acts as God, Wagner Moura as Taoca, Paloma Duarte as Mada, Stepan Nercessian as Baudele and Hugo Carvana as Quincas Batalha. The so called God goes to northeastern Brazil in search of a saint who would substitute him.

The story discusses the encounters of the protagonist, Taoca who is a fisherman and deceptive man whose ambitions are minimal. As he drifts in his boat to conceal himself from a loan shark that he is indebted to, he meets a strange person straddling on a buoy in the deep ocean, one who regards himself as God.  As Taoca introduces himself, the stranger declares that he is God. In the beginning, Taoca ignores the claims of the man but later witnesses his heavenly  powers as he perform miracles since he is neither wet nor is there any boat nearby, which surprises Taoca on how the man got to the mast of the ship.

From the movie, the God is on vacation as the creator of the universe and as a ruler of mankind, whom he bestowed with free will but has destroyed his creation. The god therefore, has to look for a person who could take his place of ruling the universe temporarily as he takes a rest. Together with Taoca, the two friends actively move to the countryside in search of a new and only saint, Quinca who could suitably take over his role. Sooner than later, they encounter Mada, an attractive woman, whom they help to reach to Sao Paulo to mourn her mother’s death and escape from her cruel father. The three goes ahead to search for Quinca with no money or food, but chatting amusing stories along the way. Irrespective of his disbelief in a supernatural being, Quinca meets all the other aspects to take over the role of the God. Quinca devotes his life for the sake of the poor, selling his mules for people who later misuse the money he donates through partying and drinking. Ironically, he pioneers the building of an irrigation dam in the drought stricken region, only for the wealthy land owners to chase all the peasants away for selfish gains.

The movie is not only entertaining but also contains great characters. It is full of empathy for the impoverished Brazilians in the countryside. The movie addresses development of relationships, ethical and values that should be upheld in the society. It depicts the pursuit of exploring nature undertaken by both mankind and God. The beautiful scenery in the movie is both captivating and amusing. The exquisite cinematography depict the natural environmental beauty of the Brazilian landscape, green forests, waterfalls, blue sky, and the blue ocean with sandy beaches, which triggers a feeling of adventure. The God avoids performing miracles in order to obey the laws of physics without which would cost him a lot of efforts to keep the natural balance. The god is neither conversant with modernity and material gains as well as other aspects of nature, as they proactively track down Quinca. This demonstrates god’s naivety and his being detached from human condition.  The plot asserts to the man’s free will and how he could use it to make life better or abuse it to hurt nature.

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