Diet Assessment (to compare my diet to the DRI's)

1. Keep track (in real-time) of your food consumption for three days. Be sure to use two
week days and one weekend day. You can use the food log templates posted on
Moodle. When keeping track of your food intake, be sure to be as specific as possible,
including cooking methods, condiments, etc.
2. Enter your food consumption into MyPlate’s Super Tracker (instructions below).
Remember to enter it as three separate days.
3. Answer the following DISCUSSION questions.
a. Indicate the nutrients for which your diet may be inadequate (leading to a
deficiency) or in excess (leading to a toxicity) and indicate why (i.e.: which foods
are you consuming too much of that may be causing the excess of nutrients
and/or which nutrients are you not getting enough of that may cause you to be
i. Are you at risk for any specific conditions of deficiency (i.e.: scurvy) or
toxicity (i.e.: hypervitaminosis A)
b. Would you change your diet to match the recommendations? Why or why not?
c. Overall, what did you learn about your general eating patterns?

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