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Please find attached the marking Rubric of this assignment and the assignemnt details.

I would like you to have headings as per the Marking rubric so that i see how each section is discussed.

Also, i would like you to CHOOSE A HEALTH ORGANISATION THAT DEALS WITH OBESITY IN CHILDREN. As this is the requirement for this assignment as clearly iluustrated on the Instruction on the attached documents. TO CHOOSE A HEALTH ISSUE AND THE HEALTH ORGANISATION.

if you feel there is an Health issue that you can easily identify the Health organisation THAT DEALS WITH A HEALTH ISSUE THAT YOU ARE GOOD AT DISCUSSUSING and be able to discuss very well according to the iNSTRUCTIONS AND ASSESMEENT CRITERIA, WITH EACH PARAGRAPH LINKED TO THE OTHER, please feel free to Share so that i can make a decision.

If anything is Unclear please consult me.
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