explain How do we break into these new markets and beat the competition, without getting into too many costly legal wrangles and disputes?

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You are not going to give answer to each question but raise the awareness of cultural of ERGO. Use a practical idea to attract the manager.

Ergo is a medium-sized international software company (fictional), whose headquarters are in the USA. Recent success has seen rapid expansion into new global markets, including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

They have asked you and your colleagues at [xxx] cross-cultural consultancy to give them advice on their internationalisation strategy. The specific brief for this presentation is to answer the following questions, which were generated directly from the managers via an email survey:

1. How do we attract the right kind of people to work in our organisation pro-active self-starters, willing to take risks, easy-going, yet highly motivated?
2. How do we get our international employees to understand the importance of honesty, openness and direct feedback to managers?
3. How do we break into these new markets and beat the competition, without getting into too many costly legal wrangles and disputes?
4. Do people from these other cultures understand the importance of teamwork and performance targets?
5. How should we run our meetings effectively?
6. Do we really need to worry about culture now that we all live in a global village? Surely, as we are the market leader in our technology, they will have to adapt to us?

The Presentation
Your audience will be the leaders of the new project teams, senior managers from the companys head office in Ohio. The presentation should give a response to the questions in the brief while providing information on relevant aspects of cross-cultural management and intercultural communication, for example using the frameworks set out by cross-cultural researchers (e.g. Hall, Hofstede, THT). It should be as practical as possible and may involve an interactive element.

Please follow these guidelines:
1) You are encouraged to use an interactive approach to raise awareness, as the ergo management believe strongly in practical, hands-on training.
2) The presentation should last no more than 16 minutes. You must keep to this time limit.
3) The presentations will be recorded on video for the purposes of second marking.
4) You are free to use handouts (and print out enough copies for the audience) and PowerPoint slides, which should be prepared beforehand and brought to the session on a USB memory stick.

NOTE: The aim of this task is to show that you can work together efficiently as a team, with each member contributing to a cohesive presentation of your ideas. You will not be evaluated on the extent of your business related knowledge in this task, but rather on the quality of your response as a group and the clarity of your message.
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