Does color alter an individuals mood?

Short Paper #1 1500 words minimum/maximum (approximately 4 1⁄2 pages) Due 9/30/15 Your task is to compare the views – and the reasons explicitly given or implied or suggested for these views – presented in at least two of the following texts by at least two different authors: Plato’s (1) Euthyphro, (2) Apology, (3) Crito; (4) King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”; and (5) Lao Tzu’s “Living as Water” on one of the following issues: (a) the basis for judgments of good and bad conduct; (b) the good life; or (c) the obligations of the citizen. Formatting instructions and deductions • Name, student ID, class hour single spaced in the header • 1 inch margins on all sides • Page numbers in the header • Text of the essay double spaced • 12 point, standard font 10 point deduction for each violation of the above Grammar deductions 1 point for each grammatical error Word count 10 point deduction for word count violation Quotations 10 point deduction per quote exceeding ten words. I prefer that you not quote at all but put the text into your own words. If you do quote be sure to cite the quote in the manner appropriate to your discipline. If you don’t have a discipline yet, select a citation style of your choice (APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago). Footnotes, endnotes, or a works cited page (if you include one) do not apply to your word count. The word count only applies to the essay itself.

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