Does distance learning always enhance the accessibility of education?

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In this piece of the assignment, you will not be penalised if you do not explore practice. Of course, you may want to bring in discussions of practice as an illustration or example (MOOC and Twitter are the best) at certain points, but remember, what you are being assessed on here, ?rst and foremost, is your understanding of the theory, and how you can apply the intellectual tools that the course has provided you with, and helped you develop. Always remember the number one rule for e?ective essay writing answer the question. A good essay always has a clear conclusion which leaves the reader in no doubt as to your answer to the question, or position on the problem posed. Make use of the work of authors introduced in the course unit; but not exclusively. You are also being graded on your ability to ?nd, and make connections with,the wider literature. Just because a theorist, or framework, isnt mentioned in the question, doesnt mean their work might not prove relevant to providing an e?ective answer. The questions are worded in ways that demand you explore new ideas, making connections that have not been explicitly covered in the teaching. You certainly wont be able to write an e?ective essay with reference only to the teaching materials and set readings. Think ?rst about your answer, and plan what you need to read for it.
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