Editing, Creative writing

You are asked to write either a formal letter of complaint or a formal compliment

letter to any organization from which you have received bad/good service. In order to give the organization a chance to respond by Week 8 the letter should be mailed (or emailed) by Week 4. The completed assignment is due Week 9. You will need to provide a copy of your letter and proof of mailing by week 4. If you are emailing please blind copy to the professor; if mailing, a photocopy of the stamped, addressed envelope with a copy of the letter should be submitted.

Write a letter to an organization with whose service you have recently been either disappointed or very satisfied. Your letter should describe the situation(s) that you encountered and express clearly your reasons for dissatisfaction/satisfaction. Letters will be evaluated on:

1. Clarity and conciseness with which you describe the problem and relevant events.

2. Comparison between what you expected, and details of the service you actually


3. Specific and actionable suggestions for improvement (if appropriate).

Recognize that specificity and clarity in your letter are particularly important in terms of the firms ability to (1) evaluate your complaint/compliment, (2) correct your problem to the best of their ability for complaints, and (3) incorporate your observations as useful learning for improving/maintaining service quality in the future. Finally, remember that this is a serious exercise: Only legitimate complaints/compliments should be presented! To eliminate bias, please do not state in the letter that you are doing this as a class project.

On the due date you should submit a short (two to three page, 1.5 spaced) paper analyzing the situation that led to your complaint/compliment, the nature of the complaint/compliment, what you expected the firm to do, and how you now feel about the organization. If the firm did respond, you are asked to (1) describe what the response was and (2) discuss the adequacy of the firms response (from your perspective as consumers). If the company did not respond, you should (1) discuss why you think you did not receive a response and (2) describe what you believe the firm should have done. Finally, you are asked to conclude your paper with a discussion of what you\’ve learned from this experience, and relate it to the material covered in the course. NB: you must include a copy of the original letter or email along with your final report.

Watch your tone and show how you will benefit from resolving your issue.

Tips And Hints
For help with formatting the complaint or compliment letters here is a 3 step checklist:

Begin with the purpose. Present a clear statement of the problem or the action requested-such as a refund, replacement, credit, explanation, or correction of an error.
Explain objectively. In the body tell the specifics of the claim. Provide copies of necessary documents.
End by requesting action. Include an end date if important. Add a pleasant forward-looking statement

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