Summary/Response of Applying Ethics of Care

In this assignment, you are going to write a brief summary(50-300words) of your primary response article. Next, you are going to respond to that article by bringing up your thoughts or feelings on it.In about 600 words, you will analyze the article— discuss strengths, weaknesses, why you think the article is worthwhile to your academic discipline.Write a 600 word (min) response to the article you chose above. After you have written your response write three different thesis statements that you think best encapsulate your main argument.The Summary Response Paper should look like this:(Your Name)ENG 240Professor _______Summary: Name of Article, Author.(300 words max, 50 min)Response: (600 words, min).Theses:Thesis #1:Thesis #2:Thesis #3:Citation of your primary response article in preferred citation style of your field.

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