Email Message

Email Message

Removal of the Looney Launch from the market

I am esteemed to write to you as one of my key stakeholders in this sector. I do believe that the company has achieved its objectives because of your continued support in selling the company products to the customers. The major aim of this email is to inform you of the management plan to remove the Looney Launch products from the markets.

I know this information is shocking by the fact that the products had already received positive reception by the customers. It is in the sound judgment of the company that the products be removed to make further amendments and improvements to ensure that they provide better customer experience. As you all know, we value our customers and it is  for this reason that we endeavor to sell quality products to them. The company has identified this need to make corrections and a decision has also been facilitated by the lawsuit that has been launched by one of our customer concerning the safety of the Looney Launch.

On behalf of the company, we sincerely apologize for this temporary disruption to your business.  However, we do believe that this is the right decision for the company and even for our future relationships. Our customers’ loyalty can only be maintained if we give them products that are worth their money and which are safe for their children. That is the policy and the company’s ideology.  The decision is also in line with the legal and social perspectives. We are obliged to serve the society better by selling better products and this is the only way that the company will avoid legal tussles.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support and assure you that the company will continue to offer exciting and innovative products.  The relationship between the company and your need to be satisfied for our benefit. Once again, we are very apologetic for the inconvenience and thank you sincerely for your being calm and understanding.



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