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Xtremity Plus is known for its extreme-sports products. The Looney Launch is an aluminum and fiberglass contraption that quickly unfolds to create the ultimate bicycle jump. The product has been selling as fast as you can make it, even though it comes plastered with warning labels proclaiming that its use is inherently dangerous.
As XtremityPlus’s CEO, you were nervous about introducing this product, and your fears were just confirmed: You’ve been notified of the first lawsuit by a parent whose child broke several bones after crash-landing off a Looney Launch.

TASK: Write an email message to retailers, explaining that the Looney Launch is being removed from the market and explaining why you’ve reached this decision. Apologize for temporary disruption this will cause to their business but emphasize this is the right decision from legal and social perspectives. Thank them for their continuing efforts and assure them your company will continue to offer exciting and innovative products.

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