International Marketing strategy

Please Note that: the company will be Hilton hotel
Please go straight to the point don’t be much too theoretical
To complete this assignment it is essential that you get involved and view the social media marketing activity of an international hospitality organisation.

Social Media is part of the Marketing Manager’s Communication Toolkit; define and critically review the strengths and weaknesses of Social Media Marketing and consider what it means to consumers and brands in the International Hospitality arena.

Analyse and critically evaluate the social media marketing activity of two hospitality organisations; synthesising theory with practice.

Analyse critically the marketing issue. Critically investigate the benefits and limitations, interpret these findings and show how an international hospitality organisation is using the social media marketing platforms and finally present conclusions.

References MUST be from the year 2000 onwards
3300 word Discussion Paper
Please follow the notes bellow for help on this assignment
Use hootsuit, tweetreach, sentiment metric, social mention radian6 etc and Monitor social media activities and provide realistic examples in what activities Hilton hotel been involved.
Examples of; screenshots images, graphic, social media metrics used by Hilton hotel
• Qualitative metrics play a key role in identifying consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a brand
• Quantitative and qualitative measurements are not mutually exclusive – combining the two types of social media metrics provides a more realistic and accurate picture of Hilton hotel progress in achieving its desired marketing goals
Social Marketing Analytics Business Objectives, Key Performance Indicators,

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