English langauge teaching – student coursebook evaluation

Essay requirement

 An essay (3,000 words) which critically examines and evaluates ELT materials in relation to their use in a specific ELT context.

 1.     a sound context-based rationale for the choice of materials for evaluation .

  • 2.     critical account of the chosen evaluative framework .
  • 3.     in-depth evaluation of the materials, showing awareness of contextual factors and cultural perspectives in ELT.

  I will need to only evaluate part of it based on a specific framework. I have attached all the 6 essential readings of course evaluations. The framework is found in the leslie Sheldon’s  paper. I need to focus on one aspect only for the space of the essay  and I have chosen the cultural bias as it is there is a lot to say. The book is working  well in kuwait and is culturally applicable / there is a socio- cultural appropriacy  and fits well with the course  .

Note 🙁 If you feel that there is a better area within the framework  to focus on in terms of the book provided – please do let me know and go ahead if its better)

The learning context in Kuwait may be provided from multiple PHD ‘s available online I have attached one  just to set the scene about Kuwait university.  I have also have written a couple of paragraphs which I have written previously about Kuwait which might help .

This should not take a lot of space just ti set the scene

The other references for this module are attached as well for quotations in terms of general issues regarding reading and writing in all the books that were compulsory for this course . Please use as many from the 6 articles as well as the books .


The process of selection of book Students  will choose a set of published materials to evaluate and a specific teaching context.

( I have chosen the book mentioned above and referenced again below)


Gramer, M. F. & Ward, C. W. (2011). Q: Skills for Success: Reading and Writing. Level 3  Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Students must:


a)    provide a detailed sense of your learning context: primarily who your students are and what their needs are.

Learning context is in Kuwait university college of business studies. Intermediate level. There needs is to improve all skills areas and finish 4 levels as compulsory to graduate from any major in the business department. Students are in segregated classes of either girls or boys. Maximum 20 students per class.


b)    select a set of learning materials and justify why you have chosen them

we have selected the above mentioned book reading and writing level 3 . I have chosen it as in the near future I will be teaching this book as it is what is used currently and it triggered my evaluation as I will be teaching it .


c)    identify a set of evaluation criteria and critically justify your selection

The evaluation criteria is the Culture bias ( framework ) or if you feel there is something better



d)    critically evaluate the original materials according to the evaluation criteria selected

Evalutaion of the book critically examined


e)    support your discussion with evidence of reading

reading from the 6 articles as well as the important indictive literature I have attached from the compulsory coursebooks we use.


f)    provide a copy of the materials you have evaluated


NA I have the book


 Example Previous evaluation essay titles include:

Ex 1 )To what extent does Bachillerato 2 Made Easy fulfil Spanish pre-university English students’ learning needs and aims

Ex 2 )To what extent do literacy materials designed for use in English primary school curriculums need to be adapted for use within the Zimbabwean rural primary school context?

Ex 3 ) An Evaluation of a Coursebook used for Grade 7 EFL Classes in Taiwan: How ‘Communicative’ are the Speaking Activities?

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