Essay, Other

Due at 11:59 Mountain Time Friday September 30th
Select a person who you believe has made a substantial contribution to aviation and write a 6 page biography that details the following items: a) the name of the person; b) specific details about that persons life that possibly motivated him/her to contribute to the industry; c) when and what contribution he/she made; and d) the impact of his/her contribution on the aviation industry at that time. A minimum of three sources must be used in developing your paper and may consist of online and/or print media. APA guidelines will be used as part of the grading criteria. Basic formatting guidelines are as follows: a) one-inch margins on all sides (keep in mind that Microsoft Word is defaulted to 1.25 left and right margins, so you will need to change them to 1); b) the title page must contain the course number, title of the course, the semester and year (e.g. Spring 2014), and your first and last name in the upper right hand corner of the page (you must select the header to type in this information as it is not part of the page text) c) Times New Roman font in 12 pitch.

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