Reward and Recognition Program Needed

Module 8: Portfolio ProjectGrade: N/AView Grade Information. Opens a dialoguePortfolio Project (350 Points)Options 1 & 2: Business ProposalFor this assignment, you will write a proposal to your organization’s senior management team for a project you would like to receive approval for. The section titled Practical Skills: Proposal Writing in the interactive lecture on page V of Module 7 provides guidance to help you determine the specific needs of your audience.Your proposal will be based on the work you have already done for the Module 6 Critical Thinking Assignment. You will be writing on the topic you chose for that assignment, either:Leadership Training Need IdentifiedReward and Recognition Program NeededReview the information provided in the Module 7, Page V, Practical Skills: Proposal Writing, interactive lecture. Use the proposal template (link below) for the assignment.Your proposal should be 6-8 pages in length and conform toGlobal Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include at least 5 scholarly references, proper in-text citation, and a reference page.

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