Essential Academic Writting Skills

Additional instructions:
1. Your report must be no more than 1000 words in length, including visuals and in text
references but excluding end-of-text references

3. You are not expected to conduct any primary research but you must acknowledge
all secondary sources by using the APA documentation style. This includes both in text
citations and end-of-text referencing.

4. You must use your own words as far as possible. You will be penalised for lifting
chunks of text from other sources.
*Remember that accurate and proper documentation of information from secondary
sources is essential because UniSIM takes a very serious view on plagiarism. All
information from secondary sources will be detected by the Turn it in software that your
assignment will be put through in Blackboard and anything that is not acknowledged and
properly documented will be taken as an instance of plagiarism and your assignment may
be failed.

This assignment relates to Part 7: Report Writing of your COR160 textbook. The section on
Analytical Reports (pps. 303 – 311) is particularly relevant.
[To writer – i will scan and email you the above pages 303-311 for your reference]

TMA 02 tests your ability to do the following:
(i) gather relevant information
(ii) evaluate and analyse information
(iii) interpret your findings
(iv) provide sound  argument
__(v) write grammatically
(vi) incorporate appropriate visuals
(vii) use appropriate report format.

Learning outcomes:
This question tests the student’s ability to:
• Write for an audience by understanding their attributes, needs and expectations
• Cite sources in documentation, including proper citation and referencing
• Interpret information from various sources to respond to a task

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