Ethical Business Behavior

The Module 4 requires that you assess the ethics of the business practices of two organizations, and that you discuss the costs and the benefits to organizations that act ethically. You will apply one component of Svennson and Wood’s business ethics model to one or both companies.

Keys to the Assignment:

In a well-written 5-7 page critical essay, respond to the following, using Anglo-American and Primark as examples:

1) Describe what is meant by ethical business behavior;

2) Describe how these two companies – Anglo-American and Primark – apply ethics in practice;

3) Discuss the costs and benefits to an organization when that organization behaves ethically.

4) Choose one component of Svennson & Woods’ model (found in the journal article “A Model of Business Ethics”), and discuss how your chosen component is relevant for Anglo-American and/or Primark. For example, you might choose “external stakeholder relationships” (page 314), and discuss how Anglo-American benefits from its positive stakeholder relationships (see page 4 of the Anglo-American case study).

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