ETROY Theory of Organizations PA-6620-XTIA 14/T1 (Loutzenhiser)

Organization Theory – Study Guide


 Organization: a social unit with some particular purposes

 Theory: A proposition or set of propositions that explain or predict something

 Rationale for the book is that a classic is a classic because it continues to be of value to each future generation

 Theories about organization reflect what is going on in the world, including the existing culture (don’t develop in a vacuum)

 Criteria for selection: 1) should a serious student of organization know this author? 2) Is it a significant theory? 3) Is the article readable?

 There is no such thing as the theory of organizations – there are many theories that attempt to explain and predict how organizations and the people in them will behave.

 The following terms serve as your guide. The midterm is multiple choice. If you know the terms and the following, you should do fie, although this does not replace the readings, presentations or discussions.

Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Hygiene factors, ***
French and Raven on Power
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Irving Janis’ Group Think
Hawthorne Studies
McGregor’s Theory X and Y
Herbert Simon
Classical Theory
Elton Mayo
Robert K. Merton
Henry Mintzberg
Chester Barnard
Mary Parker Follet
Luther Gulick
Neoclassical theory
Systems Theory
Frederick Winslow Taylor
Max Weber
John Gaus
Henry R.Towne
Katz and Kahn
“The Proverbs of Administration,” Herbert Simon
Adam Smith
Henri Fayol

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