Fashion Label Launch Report

You will design and develop a new fashion label to be launched at an industry event, through visual social media or at a dedicated venue. The capsule collection may be launched via

1. An industry event such as Fashion Exposed.

2.Visual social media – Pinterest, Instagram, Vine. 3.Gallery/Venue. Critically analyse all three platforms and select ONE that suits your middle market collection. Investigate and calculate the process and COSTS involved in launching your collection into the market place. In order to sell to potential buyers, the following information is developed to evaluate the costs involved in: 1. Participating in the event. 2.Gaining access to the launch site.

3. Hire fees for venue, models, scheduling, dressers, make-up and hair artists.

4. Gaining access to clothes racks, mannequins, hangers, tables, internet connections.

5.establishing location and dimensions of the proposed space. 6. Covering any contractual obligations and insurances while taking part in the event/program.


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