EU Law

Klaus is a German national who has lived in the UK for 6 years. Klaus has worked as a plumber for a local firm since coming to the UK, but having always been interested in computers Klaus decides to retrain as an IT technician. He leaves his plumbing job, having saved some money, and applies to do a course at a local college. The college then tries to charge Klaus a £1500, were local students only pay £750, to cover additional administrative burdens imposed by a non-UK national. Klaus cannot access his savings in time to pay the fees and so applies to the LEA for a loan to cover his tuition. The LEA refuse because he is non-national although they do loan money to domestic students in the same situation. Having discovered that Klaus has applied for public money, the UK government seeks to deport him on the grounds that he is a burden on the state.
Furthermore Klaus’ girlfriend Helga (also a German national who joined Klaus in England 4 years ago), was receiving income support and housing benefits as she was only working 8 hours a week in a local restaurant. However, following Klaus’s application to the LEA, the authorities investigated Klaus and Helga’s circumstances more closely, and have decided that as Helga is not British, she is to be deported; her work is not sufficient to justify her remaining in the UK.

Advise Klaus and Helga respectively as to their rights under EU law.

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