international business environment

The course is assessed by means of an individual case study report (approx 5000 words)
The case study assignment must be properly referenced.
1. Chose a country or region of the world of which you have an interest. A region can be defined as part of a larger country (e.g. Hong Kong) or as a group of countries (e.g. ASEAN). You may not chose a country a country or region where you originate from or currently live. Provide a basic overview of its development and current economic profile using appropriate statistics wherever possible.
2. Provide a set of scenarios for the future development or your chosen country or region. These should follow the criteria for good scenarios outlined in the course and must be believable in their context.
3. Based on your scenarios and any further data you see s useful highlight the critical factors in determining the future of your country or region and thereby outline the scenario that you think most likely.

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