International Economics

1) Discuss the extent to which factor availability is no longer an effective explanation of the competitiveness of regions or countries.
Word Count: max 5000 words, excluding References

Have you analyses the title, or question

Structure of the assignment –

1) Introduction – outlines, your intention – be brief

Background information on the topic/question

2) Main body/ main discussion area – 80% materials in this section.

• Effective argument, analysis of the theories, referencing, critical analysis
• Have you referred to the appropriate authors? Using interesting authors that you have read – whose ideas you want to use.
• Books, journal articles,
• Examples, case studies – Have you included appropriate facts, statistics or examples?
• Do not plagiarise – minimum/brief quotation, (e.g. author’s name, year, provide page number etc)
• Your findings, your opinion

3) Conclusion – brief conclusion.
Is your conclusion convincing and does it fit with your earlier analysis?
a brief summary, 1-2 paragraph

4) References – list all the sources you have cited in the text at the end in references/bibliography (Harvard Referencing)

For example Question 1 –

Start with H-O model (see lecture slides 3 on unilearn)
Leontief paradox, product life cycle,
Demand-led theory,
Porter diamond theory
Provide some critical analysis
Examples – country, firms

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