a. Critically discuss how the current IASB Conceptual Framework for Financial
Reporting (CF) forces entities to report in monetary terms. In your discussion, you
need to refer to the objective of general purpose financial reporting (OB1-OB21)
and the concepts of measurement, capital and capital maintenance (4.54 – 4.65)
as outlined in the CF. (15 marks)
b. Based on any information made publicly available by your company for the most
recent reporting period, draft a qualitative section to be potentially incorporated into
the annual report depicting your company’s performance and value creation in
non-monetary terms. This section should include the five, in your opinion, biggest
achievements in the last reporting period, describing the resources used and the
value created in non-monetary terms. (15 marks)
c. In the form of a conclusion, make concrete recommendations on how your
company could provide more meaningful reports to stakeholders who require
increasingly more non-financial information on a company’s performance and
value creation in a world of climate change, natural resource scarcity and
overpopulation. (10 marks

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