Gravity and acceleration

Physics Essay Assignment

This assignment is designed to help in your comprehension and understanding of some major concepts covered in this unit, and to help improve your writing skills. It is also intended to help you discover the personal relevance of one particular topic in this unit.

Assignment: Select a concept or issue that was covered in lecture and formulate a question (see examples at the end of this document). This question should be stated explicitly in your assignment, either as the title or in the first paragraph. Select the relevant information from class notes and the textbook, and write a 1-2 page essay (double-spaced, Word ONLY [.doc or .docx], no PDFs):

Write an essay addressing this question and discuss the relevance of the concept or issue to helping a community to which you belong. Be sure to include some concrete information that was covered in this unit, explaining why this specific information is relevant to, or useful for, helping your community. Be sure to explain how the information is useful and give examples. Be sure to explain how the information is useful and give examples.

Since you will be writing about science from a personal perspective, you should give personal examples and can use personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc.). You do not need to provide citations.

File Name:Please do not put your name in the document itself. The filename will be the only identification required:

Your files name should be as follows:Lastname_Firstname_Date

Example: If your name is Juanito Johansson the file you will upload for this unit will be named:
Johansson_Juanito_093016.doc. Be sure that the file you upload has the correct extension:.doc or .docx.

to the Essay Dropbox for this date on Beachboard. If you upload your file to a different Dropbox you may fail to receive credit.

To add a file to the Dropbox:Click on \”Add a File\” and then click on \”Upload\” to find your file on your computer. Click on your file and then click on \”open.\” Then Click on \”Submit. Beachboardwill send you a confirmation e-mail. You should keep this confirmation email as a receipt of your submission. You also should check the Dropbox to be sure you uploaded the correct file. In Beachboard, go to Dropbox, click on View History, select the correct Dropbox Folder, and open the document you submitted to be sure it is the correct file. Failure to successfully upload the correct document will result in a grade of zero.

Here are some examples of questions you could address:

1) How can knowledge of momentum be used for a more efficient public transportation system?

1) How can electromagnetic radiation be used for imaging techniques to diagnose disease?

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Here is an example of an approach you could take:

3)If A Student had been learning about momentum in this course, and was writing this essay, they might choose this topic, and then relate it to their community in the following way: When I learned about momentum in this course, I found out that momentum can be transferred or conserved during motion. I also now know that changes in momentum usually signals a change in velocity. By better understanding how to keep trains at a certain velocity, we can learn how to build more energy efficient trains. More energy efficient public transportation systems, like trains, could lower the cost of transportation. Now that I have learned more about momentum, I think that this information could be used to help people from my own community to have more affordable public transportation.

This is anexample of an approach you might take and questions you might formulate. This assignment requires that you formulate your own question and approach, so do not use these specific examples for your paper.

If you have questions:Questions about this assignment should be addressed to your writing coordinator at, not to your TA.

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