Policy Analysis

Draft Part II: Issue Definition (2 pages)This section concentrates on the background of the issue the policy you selected is intended to address. Policy selected is supplemental nutrition program for Woman, Infant, Children known as WIC.o What legislation created WIC?o Why was WIC created?o Background of the Problem• What problem or issue is/was meant to address?• What is the cause of the problem?• What is the evidence of the problem?• What theoretical perspective should be considered to review the problem? Why?A. Importance of the Problem: Explain why the issue is important to social Workers and to society.***Writing in APA: Paper must demonstrate critical thinking skills, is well written, free from grammatical errors, reads fluently, utilizes APA guidelines from the 6th edition 2nd printing, synthesizes peer reviewed articles and other reputable sources, and includes reference page. Absolutely no Wikipedia citations accepted and page limit is observed. Note: Third person is required and you must use all the labels indicated in the rubric for each section.

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