1. You are a business consultant and have been asked by a company to develop Marketing plan for a brand(Gucci).


  1. You must then develop a comprehensive marketing plan using the following structure:


  • Executive summary (A high level summary of the marketing plan)
  • Introduction
  • Profile/description of product/company and associated goals, such as sales figures
  • Analysis and evaluation including:


  • Company analysis such as goals, culture, market share, strengths and weakness
  • Customer analysis such as number, type, value drivers and decision process
  • Competition analysis such as market position strengths, weakness and market share
  • Target market (demographic, psychographic and geographic)
  • SWOT analysis


  • Product (brand name, quality, scope of product line, warranty and packaging)
  • Price (list price, discount, payment terms and financing option)
  • Place (Distribution channels, criteria for evaluating distributors, locations, transportation and warehousing)
  • Promotion (advertising, public relation, promotional programs and budget)
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion (summarize all the above)
  • References/bibliography




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