Identify and Analyze Rhetorical Devices

This Critical Thinking assignment is designed to provide you with experience in identifying and analyzing rhetorical devices used for persuasion. The topic is overseas outsourcing. While you may cite other rhetorical devices for your paper, the three YouTube presentations on the topic are provided to get you started. Each of the following presentations makes various claims about workers outside of the United States.
Nike sweatshops–try not to cry. Retrieved from YouTube.
Myth: outsourcing is bad. Retrieved from YouTube.
Disadvantages of outsourcing. Retrieved from YouTube.
Analyze the effectiveness of the rhetorical devices used to either challenge or support the use of overseas outsourcing by corporations. The goal is to connect these to what you may see, hear and read on this topic.
Each essay must include and demonstrate your ability to:
Identify the rhetorical device(s)
Explain how and whether it is effective in persuasion
State why or why not it is a valid argument
Analyze in detail the presentation for validity, logic, accuracy, misleading statements, credibility, etc.
State your position on the topic of outsourcing
Use additional citation, if necessary, to support your reasoning

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