Theme and Content

In spite of the wide variety of materials and methods found in art, there are some commonalities of styles and intent that occur in groups of artists often when they are working concurrently and when they influence each other. When such groups occur, they are called “schools of art” (e.g. Impressionism, Cubism, etc.). The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. features online tours, which is a section on their website that discusses the different parts of their collection. Some of these are thematic, some are explorations of particular collections within the museum. Several explore schools or styles of art which fit beautifully with the discussion we have just had.

Choose a link from several I am providing. Explore the work discussed in the linked online tour, and then choose one artwork from within the online tour as the basis for your paper.

The website links are:

Discuss the artwork in a reflective journal of 250-300 words. In your journal discuss the following:
Identify the artist, title, and date of each artwork
State the school you have chosen to discuss and how this piece embodies the qualities identified with this school of art.
Identify the medium of the work and describe how the characteristics of the medium contribute to the finished artwork
What is the significance of this school in terms of its influence and art historical context?
Analyze how the artistic form (the use of the elements of art and principles of design) are reflective of the school or style of art.
Explain how the use of abstraction or realism contributes to the meaning of the artwork.
If the link does not work, follow these steps to find the correct website.
Go to the homepage of the National Gallery:
Select “Online Tours”
Under “Themes” see the list of links available and choose from three to explore further: American Impressionism and Realism, Fauves, or Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre
To read about a style or grouping, select the image.
As you read each article, you will need to click on the highlighted names for the pictures in order to see examples.
Please proof read your papers before submitting them as Word documents with a “doc” or “docx” suffix.

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