Imortaive Speech

“ THIS IS INFORMATIVE SPEECH “Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about three places to visit while vacationing in Denver Colorado.Central Idea: Three places to visit while vacationing in Denver are red rocks, rocky mountain, and garden of the gods.Introduction:Gets the attention of the audienceMotivates audience to listenReveals topic clearlyPreview statement with main points of speech.Make the introduction 5 or 6 lines.Body:• Use transitions, previews, summaries clear, simple, use of repetition.• Provide strong supporting materials for the ideas.• Organize speeches clearly and coherently, use speech connectives.• One oral citation for each place.• Use effective example like: extended examples, brief examples, and/or hypothetical examples when the situation needs. use of statistics and testimoniesConclusion:Prepares audience for ending; reinforces the central idea; provides closure; ends with a memorable thought.Important notes:Do not include information that do not show how the places are great and good to visit, like exact location, how many tourists visit, how many hotels, opening hours.Make the conclusion 4 or 5 lines. No spaces between the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. No title and do not leave space in the top of the page for name, instructor, course and date. Provide outline in separate page.Please note this, if the writer does not follow the instruction the paper will be useless for me and it is not in my interest to accept it.If there is anything not clear ask me.Thank you.

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