intervention report

  • Prepare a report describing the development, implementation and evaluation of a health promotion intervention. [2000 words]
  • Your report should be prepared for a hypothetical client e.g. Head teacher at a local primary school, who is interested in but has not yet commissioned the intervention.

Assessment 2 requires the production of an intervention report describing the development , implementation and evaluation of a proposed health promotion intervention. Your report should be prepared for a hypothetical client. This client will not be a psychologist but is likely to be someone who has a vested interest in changing the health behaviour of a specified population.

  • Your report should consider the following issues:
    • Needs Analysis
    • Development of the intervention
    • Intervention implementation plan
    • Consideration of resources
    • Evaluation
  • Your report should be evidence-based (to demonstrate breadth of reading and familiarity with relevant literature) and referenced throughout.
  • The report is divided into five discrete sections. Given the word limit of 2000 words this is a challenging assessment. The needs analysis section will outline the current health risk and rationale for the development of an intervention. It is likely that your hypothetical client will have some understanding of the need for an intervention but you need to demonstrate you understand the health risk by drawing on current literature. The second section of the report will need to outline the nature of the intervention you propose to implement in order to target/meet the identified need. This needs to by fully grounded in the psychological literature and you need to demonstrate how/why targeting specific psychological factors/processes will facilitate change. This section should draw on supporting evidence for the development of your proposed intervention. The next section needs to provide an overview of the implementation of your planned intervention. You may decide to include a chart to demonstrate what happens at which point in the delivery of the intervention. You will also want to provide some indication of the resources required to successfully deliver your proposed intervention. You do not need to cost the intervention or the resources but your prospective client should have a clear appreciation of what resources would be required to successfully implement the intervention. The final section should outline how you propose to evaluate the intervention, how will you evidence the impact of your intervention. This will be a new type of assessment to many of you so time will be spent discussing the assessment requirements.  You will be able to look at some past examples of intervention reports and you will have the opportunity to gain and provide feedback on your intervention ideas as part of formative feedback.

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