Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbour

Research paper must answer this proposal:

9.Describe and analyze the Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. What were the objectives? Did the plan and conduct of the operation achieve those objectives? What were the flaws in the Japanese plan and thinking about war?

— Thesis is mandatory – it is a position paper.

— In the introduction, please provide context – why did they decide to attack the United States? (Likely should go into Japan’s plans for becoming an imperial power and how this concerned the current powers, resulting in tension between Japan and other powers such as Great Britain and the US)

— the intro should also briefly mention the Russo-Japanese war and how the Japanese war tactic of surprise which had previously helped them win the war — how would this relate to the planning of the Pearl Harbor attack?

— give the logistics of the attack: What was Yamamoto’s plan? Why Pearl Harbor instead of another location? What did he hope to achieve? Why was it crucial for the Pearl Harbor attack to succeed for the Japanese? When did it happen? Who was involved? What did the Japanese achieve? What did they crucially fail to do?

— give context as to how this attack would affect the victory of the US over Japan (two paragraphs likely)

— Conclusion is mandatory

— MANDATORY 20-25 footnotes that must be completed in the Chicago style
see this website for further details:


— Sources used in bibliography MUST be articles or books.

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