Leadership & Organizational Development

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Case study related to leadership and organizational development \”Cris Peterson at DSS Consulting\” , follow the suggested formatting :

1. Time Context: Identify the time period (year) the particular problem occurred, as basis for analysis and courses of actions within the time frame of the case in question.

2. Identification of issues/problems: Define the main deviation (crisis/difficulty). The minor deviations from the companys goals which are not specified in the main (central) problem but in more ways also affects the organization.

3. Point of View Taken: Assume somebody in the organization, someone who has the authority to oversee the many units of departments. Decision making capability.

4. Areas of Consideration: Proceed to SWOT analysis/PEST or any strategic/quality tools. Specify the desired results or expectations in solving the problem in short term/long term.

5. Analysis / Evaluation and Action Plan: Formulate answers or solutions to the case problems identified earlier with Alternative Course of Action. Enumerate the possible factors to help you to evaluate the merits or demerits of each plan/option.

6. Recommendation and Case Plan: The best-balanced choice from among Alternative Courses of Actions. The detailed activities that clearly spells out the strategies to finally implement the recommendation.

The references should be in APA style : I need 4 website references and 1 book

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