Task 1

1.Explain the importance of costs in the pricing strategy of Tata Motors Limited. (A.C: 1.1)

2.Design a costing system for use within Tata Motors Limited. (A.C: 1.2)

3.Propose improvements to the costing and pricing systems used by Tata Motors Limited presently, keeping in view the future contingencies. (A.C: 1.3)

Task 2

1.Apply forecasting techniques to make cost and revenue decisions in Tata Motors Limited. (A.C: 2.1)

2.Assess the sources of funds available to Tata Motors Limited. (A.C: 2.2)

Task 3

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Zero based budgets and its relevance/appropriateness to the Tata Motors Limited. (A.C: 3.1)
  2. Kumar Ltd. wished to arrange overdraft facilities with the bankers during the period May to July 2014. Prepare a cash budget for the above period from the following data, indicating the extent of the bank facilities the company will require at the end of each month. You are also required to show clearly any necessary workings. (A.C: 3.2

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