psychosocial aspects of health

i. Definition of the problem: Introduce the health issue, discuss its importance and relevance (mentioning what and how people are affected by this problem physically and psychologically. (5%)
ii. Description of psychosocial factors associated with health issue: Identify and incorporate various psychosocial aspects, models or theories of health psychology that are relevant to the understanding of this health issue. Describe in detail at least two specific health determinants relevant to the issue, providing at least two scientific article references to support claims about each determinant (i.e. four references total, as a minimum). (10%)
iii. Proposed Intervention(s): Describe strategies aimed at preventing, alleviating, or reducing this health problem. These strategies should address the psychosocial determinants identified in the previous section. Provide at least two scientific article references (other than those mentioned above) to support your suggestions (these items must document the relative effectiveness of different interventions by empirical methods – either using qualitative or quantitative methods). (10%)
iv. Suggested future directions: Advance ideas for future research in the field of this health issue which have not yet been explored in depth and which may support your views on the health issue. Discuss potential studies that could be conducted either to better understand the relevant determinants (eg plausible models, psychosocial aspects that have neglected), or provide suggestions for new interventions, or suggest new evaluation methods of existing interventions (eg, complementary care that could s prove to be beneficial). (5%)

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