1) Define the term “parity” and discuss the controversies surrounding the issue of parity in mental health treatment benefits. What are the pros and cons of providing parity in mental health coverage?

2) Application of modular readings when appropriate (APA formatting not required).

The following components should guide your work and will be the criteria by which I will be grading:

Clearly demonstrates an understanding of the relevant concepts.

Clearly exhibits the ability to effectively apply relevant concepts from readings to the case presented.

Uses a logical structure appropriate to paper’s subject and purpose.

Includes a well-developed introduction, summative conclusion, and section headings or clear transition statements.

Uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to support ideas, convey understanding of the topic, and shape the whole work.

Paper shows a high level of analysis and evaluation of the data and resources, as well as recognition of differences, contradictions, and biases. Compelling discussion.

Uses words with precise meaning and an appropriate level of specificity. Sentences are varied, yet clearly structured and carefully focused, not long and rambling.

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