1. What is the soul?

2. The infinite openness of the human mind

3. Human nature and social life

– Formulate arguments and counterarguments.

– When formulating counterarguments, please make sure that you also answer them. Do not simply throw counterarguments into the text and then pass to another subject.

– Give your own examples, not the ones given in class. Do not give examples from movies discussed in class (I will take off half letter if you do it: this exam is not a copy/paste of class notes! The final paper is supposed to make you work with your own mind.)

– You do not need an elaborated introduction and an elaborated conclusion for each topic.- Please treat each question separately and indicate the question before answering it. Each question – 2 pages. However, all questions must be included in one paper, stapled (do not submit three different papers, one for each question).

– In treating the topics, please combine more readings that are relevant to that topic: do not refer to just one reading. This exam is like a puzzle: you have to put together information from different texts in order to find the proper answer for one question

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