Policy change

I will send you my paper and I need you to add 3 more pages to it. Here are the details. I will upload the paper and some powerpoints to help you with the paper in addition to the resources you will be providing.Submission 2: The second submission includes the rationale for the specific project. In this section, evidence from the literature is used to support the approach that will be used in the project evidence that a change in policy/new policy will have the desired impact). Submission 2 must include 2-4 pages of text, as well as an evidence table summarizing at least six primary references that help to establish rationale. Primary references are peer-reviewed research articles: CDC websites, Wikipedia and similar sources are not primary references. The six required primary references may include one meta-analysis or systematic review from a peer-reviewed journal. The evidence table, references and any additional tables/figures DO NOT count toward the page limit.The powerpoints will have examples of how to make the tables for the paper and some other info. So please read all uploads carefully.The text portion (including references) for the individual proposal parts, final proposal and all text components of the group proposal packet must use the following formats:• Arial 12 point font• 1 inch margins• Double-space• Left justified text• Last name and page number in upper right headerAll tables and figures should be placed after the text. References should follow the tables and figures. The following formats may be used for tables (including evidence tables) and figures (including the conceptual model):• 11 point font• ½ inch margins• Single-space• Justification as appropriate to the document• Last name and page number in upper right header

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